Rights at Risk

Rights at Risk

For working families, a “Politicians’ Convention” could put some of our most important and fundamental rights at risk. The New York constitution establishes the fundamental rights that so many working people and families depend on as citizens of the state, as public employees, or as public retirees. These rights include the right to join a union and to bargain collectively; prohibitions against reductions in public pension benefits; provisions for workers compensation; and the requirement that the state provide for social welfare needs.

Hostile Forces

Many of these rights have come under increasing, relentless attack in recent years by the corporate special interests and the wealthy elite who are working to undermine our core protections in order to reap the benefits for themselves and their sponsors.  A “Politicians’ Convention” would give those hostile forces a direct path toward rolling back our rights, because it would open up a Pandora’s Box of opportunities to revise every single provision of the constitution. That’s right: nothing would be off the table!

NY Insiders & Special Interests

Considering who is likely to be in charge of the “Politicians’ Convention”—the career politicians, the Albany insiders, and the corporate special interests—it is not hard to imagine how the rights and guarantees that we hold important could become trading chips to be cashed in for special favors, increased power, or future payoffs. Think of all the horse trading and log rolling that goes on in the course of a normal legislative session…and then imagine the same thing but with every constitutional right that we enjoy thrown into the mix.  There is simply too much danger—too much at risk—for us to roll the dice and throw the politicians an expensive party that allows them to mess around with our basic rights.

Back of the Ballot

Oh, and they put the question on the BACK OF THE BALLOT, so that you would be less likely to see it and vote on it! That’s right: somehow this question—which could affect every single citizen of New York in a huge way—is being placed on the back of the ballot, which means that many, many voters won’t even see it. If you think it is odd that an issue that would benefit the politicians and Albany insiders would somehow end up on the back of the ballot where only some people will be looking for it, you aren’t alone.

Do You Trust Them?

So, considering all that, here is the one question you have to ask yourself: Do you believe it’s more likely that the politicians, lobbyists, and corporate special interests will come together to do what’s best for us…or what’s best for themselves and their big-money cronies? Think about that. Turn over your ballot in November and vote NO on the “Politicians’ Convention”!


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